About the Journal

Journal of Science Research Society (Kuwait) is a quarterly (four times a year) leading academic journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in various fields of science. Our journal is committed to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting innovative research that contributes to the betterment of society.

At JSRS, we believe that research plays a critical role in addressing complex societal challenges, and we aim to provide a platform for researchers to showcase their work and engage in scholarly debates. Our journal publishes original research articles, review papers, and book reviews, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and mathematics.

Our editorial board comprises renowned scholars and researchers from leading academic institutions across the world, who bring their expertise and insights to ensure that the journal maintains the highest standards of quality and relevance. We follow a rigorous peer-review process to ensure that all articles published in our journal are of the highest quality and contribute significantly to the field.

We are committed to ensuring that our journal is accessible to researchers from all backgrounds and regions. As such, we offer open access to all our published articles, allowing researchers to read and download our content free of charge. Additionally, we offer publishing opportunities to researchers from developing countries, ensuring that their research can reach a wider audience.

At JSRS, we are passionate about promoting scientific inquiry and discovery. We believe that by fostering collaboration and communication among researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, we can make significant strides in advancing scientific knowledge and addressing societal challenges.

Thank you for your interest in the Journal of Science Research Society. We look forward to your contributions and support in promoting scientific research and innovation.